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Exceptional atmosphere

There is a restaurant under a thatched roof (Pod Strzechą)
with Polish cuisine and a seasonal menu.
Natural wood and the thatched roof make the atmosphere warm and cozy,
and delicious aromas of freshly prepared dishes permeate from the kitchen.
Here is the preview of a unique place where tradition is combined with modernity.
Picaro Pod Strzechą is a restaurant distinguished by its original design, unique atmosphere and excellent food!


The rich and varied menu of Picaro Pod Strzechą has been composed by
outstanding chefs who thought about the tastes and preferences of even
the most demanding guests.
Dishes are prepared every day anew from fresh and natural products,
seasoned with aromatic spices and herbs.

Homemade food

The a’la carte offer is a unique combination of traditional Polish flavours
with innovative European menu dishes.
The chefs of Picaro Pod Strzechą prepare traditional and proven recipes in modern forms and dressings using natural and seasonal products
with the utmost care each day.
Carefully cooked healthy soups, handmade dumplings with stuffing and potato dumplings,
carefully fried and stewed meats and our own pastry products
are a guarantee of diversity of flavours, aromas and colours.

In the offer of Picaro Pod Strzechą, apart from a’la carte dishes for the fans of celebrating meals, there are also self-service buffet meals for those
who value the time that is so important in travel.
In order to meet the expectations of the restaurant’s guests, we also offer BBQ dishes.

Tasty, familiar, with exceptional atmosphere!


Stok 4, 66-220 Łagów

The restaurant is located near the national road no 92
towards the Polish-German border,
55 km from the border crossing in Świecko.



+48 668 121 702

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6:00 – 24:00
7 days a week

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